I am a long term customer of Doctor's Nutrition. My initial introduction to a Doctor's Nutrition was due to a chronic candida infestation after years of taking antibiotics to prevent malaria during my travels.  After visiting several doctors seeking numerous  diagnoses  and treatment, I found myself at Doctor's Nutrition talking to Dr Janine Fox.   Dr fox diagnosed my condition after talking to me for 5 minutes. I was skeptical, but decided to give it a shot. That was over  10 years ago. The treatment worked and probably saved my life.  I have been a loyal customer since. Their supplements  to lower bad cholesterol and  raise good good cholesterol amazed my doctor.  The folks at Doctor's Nutrition are the real deal.  Their blood based Nutrition program works. They care about people and most importantly, they listen and work with their customers.
K. Rushing

I am very thankful for Doctor's Nutrition of Gulfport for several reasons. One of the reasons is that my mother is still with us today at age 87 due to the medicine and advice that we received from Dr's Janine and Jim Fox. My mother was dying from an infection in her intestines from antibiotics and they saved her. I can also credit them with helping my father have a good quality of life during his last years. I feel very comfortable with their advice and they have a super staff who are very knowledgeable and always courteous. I like their lab fees and that they can tell you exactly what blood tests you need to have done. Well I could talk all day about all of the good things I just cannot say enough about how I wish everyone would just give them a try. Personally they have helped me and guided me for several years and I feel like a different person with their help and supplements. Thank you to all of you at Doctor's Nutrition of Gulfport!!!

J Palmer

They truly care about the people that come in and dig deep to find answers. I was hospitalized with a blood clot and afterwards they were able to answer questions that I couldn't get answers to at the hospital. You don't have to wait days or weeks to get blood tests or results. Since then I always go through them for blood work. They look at the root of the problem and don't use trial to see if something will work.
J Doleac

After falling through the cracks for far too long with conventional doctors, Dr. Fox went above and beyond to help me figure out and manage my health issues. Doctor's Nutrition has helped me take control of my health, and ultimately has given me my life back. I can't thank you enough for how much you've helped me Doctor's Nutrition!

D Ramoutar

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