What you Would Need to Get Started.....

Lab/Blood Work
Expanded Panel with Male Hormones: $235 (FASTING)

CMP (which includes glucose levels)
Lipid Panel
TSH (thyroid)
T3 Uptake (showing utilization of thyroid)
T4 (thyroid)
T3 (Thyroid)
Vitamin B12
Spot Cortisol (AM)
Hemoglobin AlC
Prostate Specific Ag (PSA)
Testosterone (Free & Weakly Bound)
Vitamin D (25- Hydroxy)
The following is a list of some of our supplements that may benefit you:
Mega Vites Man - Mega Vites Lean - Men's Pure Pack - B-Vital - Andro Build
SP Ultimate (saw palmetto) - DIM (diindolylmethane) - Lean Plex
Maca 3
- L-Arginine
Lab work is not required but is helpful to be able
to personalize your health care for you.

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