The primary ingredients in our products ReBUILD, ReBUILD Plus and Glucosamine Sulfate are the Glucosamines. Glucosamines are the natural building blocks of our connective tissues that help strengthen and hold together our ligaments, tendons, heart valves, nails, skin, bones and cartilage of our bodies. They also form compounds known as glucosaminoglycans in the synovial fluid (the fluid in our joints that act as shock absorbers and lubricants for our joints) which give this fluid greater elasticity, shock resistance and lubricating powers. Our bodies also use glucosamines as a precursor to make mucopolysaccharides which can decrease inflammation, stimulate secretion of synovial fluid and inhibit enzymes such as collagenases which degrade our connective tissues. 

As early as 1980 in the Curr. Med. Res. Opin. 7:110-114 a study by Pujalte, Llavore and Ylescupidez demonstrated the effectiveness of the glucosamines in the treatment of osteoarthrosis, the most common type of arthritis we all experience as we age. "Patients given glucosamine sulphate experienced earlier alleviation of symptoms...and resulted in a larger portion of patients who experienced lessening or disappearance of symptoms during the trial period." 

In 1981Ambrosio, Casa, Bompasi, et al published in the journal Phatmatherapeutica, 2:504-508, concluding that "glucosamine sulphate should be considered as basic therapy for the management of primary or secondary degenerative osteoarthrosis disorders." Further studies by a Russian team led by Zupanets, Drogovoz and Bezdetko and published in Farmakol Toksikol (USSR) 1991; 54:61-3 found that patients treated with normal nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Ibuprofen, Indomethacin, Piroxicam, etc.) could reduce the amounts of the drugs when supplemented with glucosamines. This is a significant finding when we consider the side effects of these drugs! 

Probably one of the most convincing studies (just because of who did it) was performed by the military and published in the journal Military Medicine.
Mil Med 1999 Feb;164(2):85-91 
Glucosamine, chondroitin, and manganese ascorbate for degenerative joint disease of the knee or low back: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study.
Leffler CT, Philippi AF, Leffler SG, Mosure JC, Kim PD
Medical Department, Naval Special Warfare Group Two, Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, Norfolk, VA 23521, USA. 
"OBJECTIVE: A 16-week randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover trial of a combination of glucosamine HCl (1,500 mg/day), chondroitin sulfate (1,200 mg/day), and manganese ascorbate (228 mg/day) in degenerative joint disease (DJD) of the knee or low back was conducted. RESULTS: Knee osteoarthritis symptoms were relieved as demonstrated by the summary disease score (-16.3%; p =0.05), patient assessment of treatment effect (p = 0.02), visual analog scale for pain recorded at clinic visits (-26.6%; p = 0.05) and in a diary (-28.6%; p = 0.02), and physical examination score (-43.3%; p = 0.01)..... CONCLUSIONS: The combination therapy relieves symptoms of knee osteoarthritis." 

Study after study reports the same type of findings as these earlier accounts and further leads to the mounting evidence of the safety and effectiveness of the glucosamines in treating the various arthritic conditions. This is very substantial considering that we all can be afflicted by one or more of these conditions as we age. 

P.S. (We have three products in this catagory, ReBUILD, ReBUILD Plus and Glucosamine Sulfate. The product ReBUILD is a blend of several forms of glucosamines and is somewhat easier of the digestive tract. Some individuals can experience stomach irritation with the straight glucosamine sulfates and may want to use ReBUILD instead. ReBUILD Plus is a combination of glucosamines and chondroitins like the military study used.)
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