Defend MG

Defend MG

Pure N, N, Dimethylglycine or DMG as it is referred to, is a rather obscure, yet patented, and difficult to obtain nutrient. Because of the lack of knowledge of this nutrient, most consumers are not aware of DMG or what it does for the body. Let's look into the many wonders of this great product. 

N, N, Dimethylglycine or DMG, is one of the many compounds that make up the B vitamins and is sometimes referred to as B 15. DMG is an oxygen providing nutrient which is found in the cells of all plants and animals. That's correct, ALL plants and animals, even humans, yet our bodies produce DMG only in very small amounts.. Adequate oxygen supplies to the cells of our bodies is very critical to our health and even life it's self. 

Many research studies concerning DMG were carried out in the Soviet Union during the 1960's. This research led to the adoption of DMG as a supplement to the dietary regimen of the then unbeatable Soviet athletes. In the mid 1970's, an American researcher, Dr. Roger Kendall (Phd, biochemistry) was able to identify DMG as the key ingredient in the Soviet formula. Since Dr. Kendall's discovery, many university studies have proven the many beneficial effects of DMG, and DMG is one of the few dietary supplements protected by five U.S. Patents. 

DMG and it's oxygenation of the cells of the body provide support to the brain, muscles and the glandular system. It is the increased support to the glandular system that led to research of DMG on the immune system and ultimately one of the patents. DMG has shown value and use in improving both humoral and cellular mediated immunity. This increased support of the immune system combined with the increased oxygenation of all cells has led to DMG's use in the treatment of autism and even current working the treatment of AIDs. 

DMG is truly a remarkable supplement as research has shown. It has been proven beneficial in increasing the immune response, slowing the effects of the aging process and increasing the performance of athletes. 

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